Sailing Outriggers … boating around Davao Gulf


White beaches and blue lagoons fueled my desire to build my own boat. There are beaches around Davao Gulf that remain untouched for years, remote places that are worthy of exploring. Places that can only be apreciated and accessed by boat.

Sailboats are long range, reliable transport that only need wind and skill. It is the oldest mode of transport that hasn’t changed much in the Philippines. We may have lost our huge sailing ships, but the small ones are still criss-crossing our islands.

I am fascinated with both western and traditional Pacific sailboats. The Philippine double outrigger “Bangka” is where my mind belongs to.

The boatbuilding skills and virtual plans are handed down verbally for generations, rarely documented, and varied in designs. Bangka design can be as many as our dialects combined.

To preserve our sailing and boatbuilding heritage, I aim to document these traditional small sailing outriggers before they get the same fate as the Balanghay.

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