L20 Trimaran Plans

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The Bill of Materials and Study Plan are free to download.

This plywood-fiberglass composite trimaran can use the sailing rigs from Hobie 16 to Tornado 20 catamarans, but included in the plans is a wingmast made of laminated wood. The builder can have the option of a daggerboard or centerboard system.

More information from this page.

I am currently building this trimaran, so I will be posting pictures gradually.

Body plan full-size patterns are included in a twelve-page A1 size drawings in PDF format. All drawings are dimensioned in both metric and imperial units.

€185 EUR is the price for a set of plan. That would be $220 in USD.

Please use PayPal to send payments. Drawing files will be emailed within 48 hours after payment.

L20 Trimaran CNC Data File Sample

Data files for CNC laser or router cutting is also available in DXF format for an additional €165 EUR or $195 USD.

The total price for a set of construction plan and CNC data files is €350 EUR or $415 USD.

20ft Trimaran Half Hull Construction_render4

20ft Trimaran Half Hull Construction_render5

20ft Trimaran Half Hull Construction_render3

Port side of the main hull assembled on a jig table, showing the frames and bulkheads.