LG8 Puka – Garvey Powerboat


A practical size that fit perfect on top of a car and a fairly simple boat to construct that do not require high level of woodworking skill. The nested parts consist of hull panels, frames, bulkhead, and transom.

An option I took to keep the cost down, the bow deck was not included in CNC cutting since it is an easy task to undertake as a flat panel part. Instead, plot points are provided for manual cutting. The bow deck requires a third sheet of plywood.



  • Length: 2.36 m | 93 inches
  • Beam: 1.12 m | 44 inches
  • Transom Height: 318 mm | 12.5 inches
  • Estimated Weight: 25 kgs
  • Power Requirements: 2 – 6.5 Hp
  • Max. Displacement: 230 kgs at 152 mm DWL

CNC files for automated cutting are available in DXF format. Below is the layout of the nested parts for two sheets of plywood.


Drawing details are shown in the assembly instructions manual to indicate parts that need reinforcements with wood battens.