Paraw 16 Plans

16ft Paraw 2017


A small homebuilt Paraw at Guimaras Island. The recycled patched sails are made of woven polypropylene laminate bags that used to contain fish feed pellets.

Photo Credit: James Mountford

Paraw 16 study plan is free for download.





I am drawing plans for this 5 meter long Paraw with a total sail area of 8 sq. meters. Intended for intermediate level boatbuilder, the method of construction is plywood on frames. I skipped the dug-out keel and substituted a laminated keel instead, since it is the only part of the Paraw that requires intimidating carving skill and time.

The recommended minimum diameter of the bamboo Ama is 5 inches (125 mm) and should be at least 4.80 meter long, in order to provide a buoyancy force of 59 kgs. An Ama lashed 2.50 meters away from the main hull centerline, can resist wind gusts up to 20 knots, when matched with an 8 sq.m. sail.

This sailing outrigger is a comfortable cruiser for two, and perfect for sail training.

€190 EUR is the designated price for a set of plan. I will update this page when the PDF plans become available.

A Stitch and Glue version will be available too.