Paraw 20 Plans

20ft Paraw 2017 Profile




This type of Paraw is a common sight in the northern part of Panay island. Its overall length is 6.00 meters, while the overall width is 5.40 m, the sleek mainhull is only 450 mm wide. The mast is 6.00 m high, but can be as high as 7.30 m with spars raised.

The sail-plan is Oceanic sprit sail with a jib. The mainsail area is 14 sq.m, while the foresail is 4 sq.m. The hull displacement is 350 kgs, it can carry 4 persons with weekend camping gears. The buoyant force of the 127 mm diameter Ama is 77 kgs, it can support a sail area of 19.70 square meters at 15 knots of windspeed. Refer to Sail Carrying Power / Initial Stability of Outriggers.

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