24ft Vinta 2017






Credit: Aldo Cherini for all sketches.

The classic icon of the southern Philippines. Synonymous to the city of Zamboanga, it is famous for its colorful sails and culture. Mostly sailed in Celebes sea by Sama Laut (Badjao) and Tausug tribes.

Locally known as Lepa, it has bifid prows and stern. There are three or four crossbeams (aka/tarik) in this outrigger and each has an upper second layer of wood reinforcement, to support a cargo platform.

Both front ends of the amas has turned up caps and extends a bit forward of the mainhull. Looking at the plan, the amas are installed “toe-out” to facilitate good directional tracking.

The standing rigging has no shrouds. It uses a tripod configuration of bamboo poles. The central forward mast is supported by two A-framed poles, lashed at the second row crossbeam (aka/tarik).

The eye-catching and vibrant sails makes it unique among other Philippine outriggers. The colors and patterns used, associate closely with a particular family or clan, and projects its identity in a culturally diverse Mindanao. The Vinta is rigged with either lug  or sprit sails. To each his own preference on different needs and sailing conditions.

Ukkil wood carving

An art design with foliate, intertwined flowing lines, and rhythmic geometric patterns.  It is seen on anything of value, such as household articles, musical instruments, weapons, and boats. In earlier times, a Vinta with Ukkil artwork on it signifies the owner’s social status.

Next Project

I dream of building this one. After seeing all those intricate details and artwork, it will probably take me a very long time.